Steps to claim UK49’s Prizes

You’ve won the UK49’s! But how do you claim your prize? Don’t worry, claiming your prize is easier than you might think. Here’s how to turn your lucky ticket into cash.

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Double-Check Those Winning Numbers

  • Double-check your ticket carefully: Match your numbers with the official winning numbers and prize breakdown.
  • Use a prize checker: Many retailers and online platforms offer prize checkers where you can scan your ticket or enter your numbers to confirm your win.

Understand your claim method:

  • For smaller prizes: You can usually claim prizes for matching up to 5 main numbers + bonus ball or 5 main numbers at most retailers where you purchased your ticket. They might have self-service terminals or a dedicated counter for prize claims.
  • For larger prizes: Prizes for matching 6 main numbers, 6 main numbers + bonus ball (jackpot), and other large wins require contacting Camelot directly.

Contact Details Camelot:

Be prepared to provide details like your name, contact information, ticket details, and bank account information (for prize transfer).

Camelot Headquarters

The National Lottery, Tolpits Lane, Watford WD1 8RN 
Telephone: 01923 425000 
Fax: 01923 425200 
E-mail: “

Player Enquiries

The National Lottery, P.O. Box 1010, Liverpool L70 1NL 
Telephone: 0845 9100000 (charged at local call rates except for mobile phones) 
Fax: 0151 478 5551

Postal Claims (Above £500) 

The National Lottery, Accounts Dept., P.O. Box 287, Watford WD1 8TT

Regional Centers (For Large Claims)

Birmingham2, Friars Gate, 1011, Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands B90 4EB0121 744 0648
CardiffGround Floor, Willow Court, The Orchards, Ty-glas Avenue, Llanishen, Cardiff CF4 5DZ01222 689625
GlasgowAthenaeum Building, 8, Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow, Scotland G2 1BT0141 332 6256
London20, Cockspur Street, London SW1Y 5BL0171 839 6051

Important Notes:

  • Claim deadlines: Be mindful of claim deadlines. Smaller prizes typically have shorter deadlines (around 30 days) while larger prizes might have extended deadlines (up to 180 days).
  • Seek professional advice: For bigger wins, consider seeking financial or legal advice to navigate tax implications and manage your newfound wealth responsibly.
  • Security: Protect your ticket and winning information carefully. Avoid sharing details publicly or online.

Congratulations again! We hope this helps you claim your UK49 prize smoothly. Now, go celebrate your win!

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